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Wild Honey Hand & Body Soap For Dry To Extra Dry Skin



Wild Honey Hand & Body Soap For Dry To Extra Dry Skin

An extremely gentle soap for all skin types, especially for very dry and sensitive skin.

Contains 50% wild flower desert honey that contains minerals and natural moisturizers. Honey is a natural rejuvenator and humectant that leaves a refresh and invigorating feeling.

Honey is a natural moisturizer. It seems to have the capacity to maintain and restore the normal proportion of water in the skin. Honey has healing properties, it has been scientifically proven that honey accelerates the wound healing process.

Wild Honey Hand & Body Soap, contains 16% PCA-Na Natural Moisturizing Factor.  PCA-Na is a naturally occurring humectant in skin. PCA-Na is contained in abundance in skin and plays the role of natural moisturizing factor. PCA-Na is highly hygroscopic and increases the moisture, softness and elasticity of skin.


Preservative Free

Ingredients: 50% Wild Flower Desert Honey, Distilled Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate – Very Gentle Ethanol Free Surfactant, 16% PCA-Na Natural Moisturizing Factor, Hyroxypropylmethylcelulose.


8 – 16 fl. oz

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16 oz, 8 oz

2 reviews for Wild Honey Hand & Body Soap For Dry To Extra Dry Skin

  1. michelle ray

    I’ve given this soap as gifts to many friends and EVERYONE loves it. I use it on my body and occasionally on my face (Though it’s recommended more for body). Its a very mild but thorough cleanser, lathers nicely and the smell is wonderful, it contains about 50% honey and has a luxurious texture and scent.

  2. Samantha Follows (verified owner)

    I love this soap! I have eczema and have to wash my hands frequently for my job. This is the only soap I use. I have one beside every sink in the house and in the shower. I too sometimes wash my face with it. I highly recommend it.

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