Apple Milk Cleanser & Toner

This cleanser can safely be used on oily skin or acne condition or breakouts. does not contain any oil or gums to clog the pores. Does not contain alcohol to dehydrate the skin, does not contain any irritating ingredients. We also do not use any detergents or soap ingredients that cause skin dehydration. This product is made with apple juice and milk.

Directions: Apply on piece of cotton and then wipe it all over the face. 

You can use as many times as you want during the day, morning and night or whenever you feel oily. Can be used as a make up remover.

As a toner, apply product on a piece of cotton and pat all over the face. For a glowing, firm and moisturized look.

Apple Milk Cleanser & Toner for Sensitive Skin

A light liquid cleanser made with apple juice and milk. 

We do not use any alcohol because alcohol dries and irritates the skin, we do not use ingredients that irritate the skin. We do not use gums or oils that clog the pores and we do not use any soap or detergents that foam up on the skin because that dehydrates the skin.

Directions: Apply on piece of cotton and then gently wipe across the face to cleanse. Removes make up, safe to use multiple times throughout the day if you feel your skin is getting oily or sweaty. Can be used on oily sensitive or irritated skin, oily dehydrated skin and on dry skin, this will not dry out your skin.

Elastin Firming Toner

A toner that does not contain alcohol, that irritates the skin. Does not contain gums to clog the pores, or Vitamin C or alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy ingredients that burn the skin.

Elastin Firming Toner is made with apple, milk and elastin that firms, moisturizes and the skin. 

Direction: Apply on a piece of pure cotton. After cleansing the face, pat it all over the face to firm and moisture the skin.