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Here at Chicet we offer wonderful Facial and Rejuvenating Facial treatments for your skin. We have been nominated in LA Weekly for Best Holistic Facial and have been featured in LA Times Magazine and many others.

We customize the facials according to the individual skin type. We treat dry, oily, combination skin, and specialize in helping sensitive and irritated skin conditions.facial skin care for women 

We use natural ingredients to treat the skin condition.

During the treatment we analyze the skin and determine the skin type. We cleanse the skin and then exfoliate with gentle, natural ingredients such as: bran, oatmeal, oat flour, chamomile, spearmint leaf powder, milk powder, egg powder, etc. Then we steam the face with natural herbs, such as chamomile and spearmint. Afterwards we do extraction with our fingers wrapped in cotton to be gentle on the skin. Once the skin the skin is clean, we apply a natural moisturizer according to the skin type for a soothing and relaxing facial massage. After the massage, we apply the a fresh, natural mask made with fresh sea plant, fresh eggs, china clay, chocolate, fresh yeast, oats and many other fresh natural ingredients. Then after the mask we apply unique serums, such as natural collagen, elastin, sodyum hyluronate, fresh sea plant serum extract, fresh yeast serum extract and many others. We then apply moisturizers and eye cream and then spray with  our moisturizing mist complex, made with natural moisturizers that enhance settle  the moisturizer on the face.

For sun protection, we apply our own natural chemical free Sun Screens or Sun Block. Then apply our own Natural Makeup.


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