Fresh Sea Plant Mask

Made with 100% fresh sea plant. The algae will moisturize your skin and the chlorophyll will sooth the skin. Needs to be kept in the refrigerator. Can be use by itself or after Clay & Fresh Sea Plant Mask to moisturize the skin.

Directions: Apply all over the face, around the eyes and neck. Leave it for 10-20 minutes or longer and then gently wash your face with room temperature or cold water. Use it 2-4 times a week or as often as you like.
To be store in refrigerator.

Clay & Fresh Sea Plant Mask

Made with fresh sea plant to moisturize the skin and clay to absorb the oil. The fresh sea plants have more minerals than any plant that grows on the surface of the ground. The minerals in the sea plant are the closes to the minerals in the skin. The algin in the sea plant has property to moisturize and the clorophyll is soothing the skin.
Directions: apply on the oily areas and on the Rosacea condition. Leave it for around 10 minutes. Then, gentle apply a lot of cool water to make it soft the mask and gentle remove it. It isvery important to be very gentle on the face.