Sodium Hyaluronate ( Hyaluronic Acid )

Sodium Hyaluronic also known as nature’s “moisture magnet” delivers advanced levels of hydration. Apply few drops all over the face, around eyes and neck and spread with long strokes after cleansing and toning.

Can be applied after the Day & Night Revitalizing concentrate.

For all types of skin except skin with acne conditions. 

Directions: apply 10-15 drops or more if needed after cleansing and toning. On top of Sodium Hyaluronate, apply the moisturizer according to your skin type.

Day and Night Revitalizing Concentrate

This product contains concentrated moisturizers and antiaging ingredients that are the most advanced moisturizers, which help the skin to hydrate, oxygenate, firm and soothe the skin. It is made only with biological extracts as: 33% Natural Swiss Soluble Collagen, 29% Swiss Hydrolyzed Elastin, 21% Sodium Hyaluronate, 10% Conjugated Glyco-Peptides(to oxygenate the skin),  6% Saccharide Isomerate(natural carbohydrate complex).

Directions: Apply 10-15 drops or more of Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate all over the face, after you have cleansed the face and applied toner. Apply around the eyes and neck then massage gentle. Apply moisturizer on the top when is still moist.