Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate



Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate

Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate is made with 100% biological extracts, it contain no oils, no emulsifiers, no glycerin or propylene glycol. It contains 100% Swiss biological extracts scientifically proven to have the highest activity.

Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate is not thickened with gums because it contains 33% Natural Swiss Soluble Collagen solution and 21% Sodium Hyaluronate solution in distilled water, which are very thick solutions.


Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate is light yellow in color naturally and is not artificially colored because it contains 29% Hydrolyzed Elastin, 10% Conjugated Glyco Peptides – spleen extract for oxygen uptake and 6% Saccharide Isomerate Natural Carbohydrate Complex.

Day and Night Revitalizing Concentrate is a fluid treatment with unique lubricity which forms an elastic surface film which helps to retain suppleness, elasticity and tone. It fixes moisture to help promote skin hydration by long lasting water retention. It contains specialized ingredients to support the natural revitalizing power of the skin and to strengthen the skin against the aggressive and irritating effects of a polluted atmosphere. It also promotes healing against irritation or inflammation caused by alpha hydroxy acids, retin A, excessive sun bathing, to sooth and speed up healing of the skin after plastic surgery.

Conjugated Glyco Peptides activates and reactivates tissue regeneration that means when tested conjugated glycol peptides cause a significant stimulation of cell respiration. Conjugated glyco peptides is a skin soothing preparation. Applied to artificially irritated skin, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

It is a natural identical made in a Biotech Extracting process.

Soluble Collagen: by the application of natural soluble collagen the aging process may be delayed. From its application in medicine it is known that natural soluble collagen accelerates the healing of skin wounds and the spontaneous re-epithelization of the skin. It is, therefore, obvious to use soluble collagen also in cosmetics Collagen is one of the most important scleroproteins of the connective tissue occurring as fibers. About 70% of the skin protein consists of collagen, young skin contains abundant collagen fibers, which are strongly hydrated and elastic

Hydrolyzed Elastin: like collagen, elastin is an essential component of the connective tissue which is largely responsible for its elasticity. Besides collagen, elastin is one of the most important fibrous scleroproteins of the human and animal organisms.  According to these descriptions, the elastic hydrolysate has a direct influence on the elastic connective tissue and improves its elasticity. Also, a cosmetic efficacy is attributed to elastic hydrolysates which should lead to an improved elasticity of the skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate fixes moisture in the skin to help retain the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone. Natural identical made in a Biotech Extracting process.

Directions: for all skin types, after cleansing apply all over the face, around the eyes and throat, massage into the skin. While your skin is still moist apply cream or lotion moisturizer for your skin type. To be stored in the refrigerator.

These are the best natural moisturizers and revitalizing ingredients at the highest concentration.

Ingredients:   33% Natural Soluble Collagen Solution, 29% Hydrolyzed Elastin Solution,

21% Sodium Hyaluronate Solution, 10% Conjugated Glyco Peptides, 6% Saccharide Isomerate, Citrus Extract.


.5 – 1 fl. oz



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.5 fl oz, 1 oz


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