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Gommage Exfoliator For Dry & Sensitive Skin



Gommage Exfoliator For Dry & Sensitive Skin

The Gommage Exfoliator For Dry & Sensitive Skin is great in removing the dead cells and deeply cleaning the pores with very gentle ingredients without irritating or dehydrating the skin. The ingredients are: Oatmeal, Non Fat Milk, Oat Protein. Use it two or three times per week.


– The skin will breath properly.

– Moisturizing ingredients will penetrate easier.

– It smooths the skin without drying or irritating.

Wheat Bran: is a natural exfoliator, gentle to skin. Bran is the outer protective layer of wheat. Wheat Bran contains 16 percent protein, 11 percent natural fiber, and 50 percent carbohydrate.

Oat Protein: is a skin protectant and mild exfoliator. It has a soothing effect on sensitive, irritated skin.

Milk contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. Lastly, milk also works as a natural cleanser.


The most convenient way to use the Gommage is in the shower. With your face wet, apply some powder on your fingertips and pat your wet skin. The dry Gommage powder will stick to your wet skin. Then, start rubbing with your fingertips in short strokes while holding your skin with your other hand so you will not stretch your skin.
Another way of using the Gommage, is to measure a cap full of Gommage with the bottle cap into a bowl or palm of hand then mix with some water into a paste. Take the Gommage with your fingertips and spread it evenly all over the face, avoiding the eye area. Holding the skin tout with one hand, massage skin gently with the other hand until Gommage becomes dry, then wash it off.

For more exfoliation, once the Gommage becomes dry, keep rubbing continuously until the Gommage flakes off the skin.

Ingredients: Oat Protein, Wheat Bran, Nonfat Milk, Magnesium Carbonate.

No Preservative

110g – 150g


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110g, 150g

2 reviews for Gommage Exfoliator For Dry & Sensitive Skin

  1. Sarah

    This is the product that sold me on using Chicet products…it thoroughly exfoliates your skin leaving it baby soft. Much better and gentler than any micro bead product and a lot better for the environment as well!

  2. Katharine Harrison

    This is the best exfoliator I’ve ever used and I am loyal to buying this product over and over. It never falls to make my skin feel nourished and baby soft. It takes all the dead skin off without harshness and reveals your real glowing skin.

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