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PCA-Na Oat Protein Cleanser Exfoliator For Dry Skin



PCA-Na Oat Protein Cleanser Exfoliator For Dry Skin

Splash off cleanser and light exfoliator for all over the face made with PCA-Na Natural Moisturizing Factor, Oat Protein for light exfoliating and Non Fat Milk as a natural detergent.

It is an oil free cleanser for all over the face but not around the eyes.

It moisturizes while cleansing the skin with wholesome natural ingredients.

PCA-Na is contained in abundance in skin and plays the role of Natural Moisturizing Factor. PCA-Na is highly hygroscopic and increases the moisture, softness and improves the elasticity of skin.

PCA-Na is made from the natural amino acid Glycine.

Milk: contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Milk moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. Milk also works as a natural cleanser.

Oat Protein: is a skin protectant and mild exfoliator. It has a soothing effect on sensitive, irritated skin.


Directions: apply PCA‑Na Oat Protein Cleanser all over the face, but not around the eyes and massage. Rinse off with warm water.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, PCA-Na, Oat Protein, Non Fat Milk, Magnesium Carbonate,  Citrus Extract.


4 – 8 fl. oz.


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1 review for PCA-Na Oat Protein Cleanser Exfoliator For Dry Skin

  1. Abbey Bukhari

    Just received all my 5 products- thank you! All the way to the UK and very well packed too. Used the cleanser and used a damp cloth to wipe off … skin feels amazing already. Wow … your products are beyond amazing. Thank you again. Abbey xx

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