Lisa Rinna Swears by Chicet Bone Marrow Cream


Lisa Rinna swears by the Chicet Bone Marrow Cream. “I’ve used this Mariana Chicet Bone Marrow Cream under my eyes for 20 years and I swear by it. I don’t know how it does what it does, but it’s the best of the best,” she says. Per Rinna, this showstopper cream will make you “look as fresh as a daisy.”

Not only is it Rinna’s favorite under-eye cream, but it also has the science to back it up. As the name states, the Chicet Bone Marrow Cream is made with bone marrow oil, a unique emollient that is complex in structure to provide only the best for your skin. It has superior barrier properties to protect your skin without being too heavy or greasy. A combination of medulic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid work to gently soften and nourish the skin. 

Over time, our skin dries out, losing its natural oils that keep our skin protected and looking youthful. The Chicet Bone Marrow Cream will ensure your skin is hydrated as it easily penetrates deep into your skin to nourish your skin from the inside out. 

Check out Lisa Rinna share her love for the Chicet Bone Marrow Cream!

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