Illuminous Translucent Loose Powder Worm Mahogony



Illuminous Translucent Loose Powder Worm Mahogany

Illuminous Translucent Loose Powder is made with a unique moisturizing powder called Lauroyl lysine.

The powder will not dry the skin, it will give the skin a glowing, natural look and has a long lasting coverage.

It does NOT contain talc, which dries the skin, or oil or wax, which clogs the pores. It also does not contain any added fragrance or essential oils, which irritate the skin. This powder is safe to use around the eyes, on very sensitive skin, allergy skin condition, eczema, or rosacea condition.

Directions: Put a little bit of product on the powder puff and then pat it all over the face, around the eyes, on the neck if you like. Gently apply it all over the face.




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