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Mariana_500x500Chicet is helping many to treat extremely irritated, sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin. For many years, they have depended on her products every day. Many in the entertainment field as: actresses, models, actors, producers, writers and make-up artists entrust their skin to Mariana Chicet for her skin care expertise.

Mariana Chicet is well recognized as a skin care specialist and is featured in publications as: U.S.A. Today, Vogue, Self, Allure, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Marie Claire, L.A.Times, Chicago Tribune, L.A.Weekly, L.A. Style, American Woman, Vie and has taught classes and also lectures on skin care ingredients and techniques.

Chicet, since 1981, in the U.S.A., has developed unique natural skin care, body care and hair care products.

Mariana Chicet, the founder of the company, has invented very effective skin care techniques and products that are unsurpassed in ingredients, unequaled in concentration and unmatched in performance. She studied to be an aesthetician in her native Bucharest, Romania, with extensive training in natural skin care treatments and cosmetic product manufacturing.

CHICET NATURAL EUROPEAN SKIN CARE PRODUCTS are formulated with the highest quality and the most beneficial ingredients, regardless of cost. We believe that the only way to formulate high quality cosmetic products is by not being concerned with the cost of the ingredients but to give greatest importance to the quality, quantity and performance of the ingredients used. With such an approach to skin care products we are certainly different.

We have come to regard our products as unequaled in quality and performance and we have certainly tried and analyzed every new skin care product we have come across over the years. Our skin care technique was brought from Europe, but a Europe of 70 years ago, before the mass market quick fix approach to skin care that is so evident today all over the world.

We also take advantage of the tremendous scientific skin care advances of our present day, resulting in extraordinary ingredients such as: Natural Soluble Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Sodium Hyaluronate

Conjugated Glyco Peptides – spleen extract for oxygenating the skin and Saccharide Isomerate Natural Carbohydrate Complex. We use the above ingredients in quantities much higher than any cosmetic product on the market today, regardless of cost.

Our skin care products never contain Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, AHA Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin C, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Isopropyl Myristate, colors, dyes, perfumes or essential oils (for use on the face).